Educational guides and tutorials to accelerate learning.



This documentation is out of date and related to the deprecated VRTK.Prefabs repository. This documentation will be updated in due course to reflect the latest documentation that can be found on each Tilia package. The complete list of available Tilia packages, along with their up to date documentation can be viewed at


The Academy is a curriculum of educational content to provide a complete understanding of the Extend Reality suite of solutions and how to utilize them to build great solutions for spatial computing.

The educational content is aimed at all levels from complete beginners to advanced developers to provide a friendly learning curve to fully understand all that is capable with the solutions at hand.


How-to Guides

Step by step instructions on how to set up specific features.


Small to medium projects that go from an empty state to a completed goal that shows how to use features to build specific solutions.


Common problems and solutions in spatial computing explained along with how Extend Reality solutions can be utilized to overcome issues with little effort. They also provide an insight into the inner workings of the underlying features.


API documentation for solution code-bases.


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Documentation released under the MIT License.